BONDSIL LCS Micro Amino silicone it gives excellent surface smoothness.
BONDSIL Micro Amino silicone it gives good bouncy feel along with excellent smoothness.
DEXTRIAL Unique silicone imparting exclellent dry softness and drape.
DURCON DK Reactive polymeric finishing agent offering extra dryness on 100% polyster.
GENNESIL NEW Special micro amino silicone improves surfaces smoothness of the fabric.
GLACAFIL RFB Imparts a soft and stiff hand to all type of fabrics.
GLAMAX DBR PLUS Modified silicone emulsion for good dry touch and crispiness to all type of fabric.
GLAPEACH PLUS Epoxy silicone elastomer for giving peach tuch effect on fabric.
GLANTEK N16 Unique silicone which gives dryness along with good bouness to polyster fabric.
BONDSIL TIR Inner softness and outer smoothness,with no shade change.
DRYMAX OLM Giving dryness and goodsoftness.
ELASTOSOF Epoxy silicone elastomer to give rubberized bounce feel.
HYDROSOFT Copolymer which gives good dryness along with hydrophilicity.
GLAOIL 001 Oily touch and internal softness.
MICROSIL 500 Micro emulsion impart excellent inner softness and luster.
GLACOL O Bounce with elasticity and soft to handle.
GLASILK ES Epoxy silicone to give feel of rubber as well soft touch.
TOPSIL Epoxy silicone elastomer giving the added softness with bounce.
GLASIL GNT Reactive polymeric compound to give excellent natural dryness with bounce to fabrics.
BX 930 Micro amino silicone for good luster and surface smoothness.
ULTIMA HPS Hydrophilic silicone softener, non-yellowing and shear stable.
ULTRASOF PLUS Micro amino silicone for softness and no shade change.
GLASIL BSS CONC Elastomer for peach, waxy touch .
AQUAFIL GL 100 Hydrophilic silicone softener, non-yellowing and shear stable.
GLASOF PUR Polymer finish gives good dryness along with softness.
GSOFT C Cold water easily dispersible cationic flakes.
GLASOFT OC Cationic softner imparting good bulkyness, softness and smoothness to varity of natural fabric like cotton and its blends.
GLASOFT CP An exhaustible cationic softner imparting good softness to fabric.
GLASOFT SP Cationic softener imparting good softness and bulkiness.
GLASOFT CPN Hydrophilic Non-yellowing type of softener.
GLASOFT NYS Non-yellowing concentrated hydrophilic cationic softener.
GLASOFT ULT Superier modified polymeric softner which produces high surface smoothness.
GLASOFT EQ 100 Non-yellowing concentrated hydrophilic softner.
AQUAMARINE BLUE Colour enhancer for giving blue tone.
BRICKTONE Colour enhancer for giving red tone.
SUPER BLACK Colour enhancer for giving super jet black tone.
GLAMY MARINE Cokour enchancer for giving mid blue tone.
GLASOFT RS Imparting good softness with bulk,producing a feather touch feel on fabrics.
GLALUBE Y Polymaric yern lubricating softner.
GLASTIF 404 Giving full body and bulkiness.
GLASOFT NS 100 Non-ionic softner in flakes form, non yellowing hot water solubel .
GLASOFT NI PASTE Non-yellowing softner for good surface smoothness and bulkiness.
GLANZYME BP 31 High activated acid cellulose for biopolishing.
GLANZYME NBP True neutral enzyme for producing high abrasion effect on fabrics.
GLANSCOUR Highly conc. And eco-friendly scouring agent.